Arrey Ivo, Basti and Frau Torhorst (Dec, 2006).

African Centre for Community and Development, Founder and Project Manager introduces ‘fufu’ and ‘eru’, the Bayang traditional dish of Manyu Division of Cameroon to the Torhorst Family, Germany (2006) as a way of intercultural sharing and learning. Understanding other people’s livelihoods is also vital in designing sustaining development interventions.


With Orphans at Grace Orphanage, Cameroon (2006)

Arrey Ivo, with orphans of Grace Orphanage, Bonadikombo, Cameroon. These kids live in cold mosquito packed rooms without windows, have no books to read and labour in farms to feed themselves. Any endeavour to alleviate their destitution is welcomed. Contact:
Tel: +44 07896081377

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An orphan boy starts his first lessons in a trying classroom while Arrey Ivo poses with Pastor Mary Ayuk volunteering to work and teach with students at the orphanage.


Arrey Ivo being trained in British Style radio broadcasting by John Gill, sound engineer and journalist, at Bradford Community Broadcasting, BCB radio, FM 106.6 (Jan, 2007)


Chris Howson organizer of Soul Space and Coordinator of the newly opened
Desmond Tutu, House, Bradford.

Chris Howson, Co-Pastor, Anglican chaplaincy, Ashgrove, Bradford introduces Ivo, during a night organised to highlight the African Centre for Community and Development (Bradford, Jan, 2007) and to defend Cameroon as a platform for intercultural dialogue, and development. Guests watched a 30 minutes documentary on livelihoods in Cameroon, produced by the African Centre for Community and Development as well as colourful PowerPoint

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Guests at Ivo’s night ask questions and pose for a talk well delivered. Issues spanned from culture, politics, and environment to intercultural dialogue. Among Guests were some from Christian Aid and post graduate students at BCID, Bradford.


With Chris Howson (centre right), Nina Carter Brown of Fair Grounds (first from right) and others in a picture after presentation.


Arrey Ivo paints inroads for development in Cameroon and Africa in splendid detail


Interviewing Secretary General to Limbe Urban Council during Fako Cultural Festival, Mbando, 2006


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A Mile Four boy (left) goes to fetch water from Water Project. Pipes need to reach most house holds while Arrey Ivo inspects the water system (right) while taking footage for a documentary.

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Child labourer in Limbe Cameroon             Child Labourer sells kola nuts in bars  


P.O. Box 181, Limbe, Cameroon

46 Ascot Parade, BD7 4NJ, United Kingdom
Tel: (+44) 07896081377

We strive to use livelihoods as indicators for development management as development today can only be holistic to effectively redress poverty.
We engage in cultural studies and audiovisual documentaries for the purpose of data, education, simulation and enhancement of capabilities so as to overcome varied vulnerabilities.
We therefore concentrate on the environment, intercultural dialogue, gender, development, good governance, communication, arts and participatory empowerment as vehicles to knowing and developing people.
We advocate being consultants on best areas for corporate social responsibility and social entrepreneurship.
We network with cultural and development associations, international developers and voluntary associations to make our ideas concrete.
We however hold that the Endeavour is Herculean as the baby institution needs little more than just guiding but effective support to help us alleviate poverty in Cameroon and Africa.

We therefore accept consultancy in the above listed areas so as to boost our internal capacities to pursue

our strategic goals of bringing integrated development to people especially the most vulnerable.
 Any move to make us nearer to the grassroots and the pauperized urban areas is welcomed.
We also welcome any institution or individual willing to get extensive knowledge of African development environments to consult with us.
When we must have understood the similarity of dissimilar men and women from all regions of the world then partnerships will be even more effective and poverty will greatly dwindle.
By Arrey Mbongaya Ivo (Project Manager)
African Centre for Community and Development

Arts and pictures by Arrey Ivo. Copy rights (2005) all rights reserved


With Director of Ocean City Radio Charles Wirsuiy, at jointly organised Victoria Merit Awards Nights. (Lady L esplanade, 2003, Church Street, Limbe Cameroon.)


With Nina Carter Brown of Fair Grounds during Ivo’s presentation at the Anglican Chaplaincy, Ashgrove, Bradford, UK


We understand the complex terrain of conserving the environment. The users and interests differ; therefore understanding the drivers for certain practices is the only way to achieving an end to unhealthy environmental engagements. Join the African Centre for Community and Development ( to make our world a better place to live in.
Copyrights (2007), Bradford. All rights reserved.



With director of African Caribbean Achievement Project, Joyce (Zambia) during a visit to St Joseph’s catholic primary school(2007) during which Ivo’s poem titled ‘black is beautiful was read to pupils’ as well a presentation in which they watched  a video of Mbando festival


With Florence ( 1st left, volunteer for ACAP from Uganda), Chris Carpenter (teacher at St Joseph’s catholic primary school), Joyce (Director of ACAP) during presentation to pupils


Joyce and Florence join Ivo in recitation. Ivo volunteers with African Caribbean Achievement Project (ACAP).


Pupils listen to Ivo’s poem as a vehicle towards their empowerment and knowledge sharing and inter-cultural dialogue.


Ivo making a power point presentation at ACAP (2007) TO Black kids during vacation term activities at the Centre


Other guests at the centre fro Bradford University and Bradford’s environ.


Guests are hooked up to his words and artistic craftsmanship.


Visiting Nymphenberg Schloss in Munich, Germany (2007)


With group members at Bradford Centre for International Development(BCID, 2007) working on an assignment on Bukina Faso’s PRSP. Group members are from UK, Thailand and Ethiopia


With Cameroonian talented artist, Arrey Blackman (Limbe, 2006).

It is imperative that real and effective partnerships are established between development actors to lead to competitive advantage (Sullivan and Skelcher, 2002). This can be done by sustainable livelihoods indicators (Chambers and Conway, 1992, Toner and Franks, 2006) so as to better social policy delivery (Hall and Midgley, 2004).