We hold that man is not beast and in his humanity can strive to over come the short falls of life through sustainable development.   Sustainable development being an incidence of research and development, transparency in governance and management of natural resources and peoples, gender equality, democracy and guarantees of human rights.

Global sustainable development, must also strive at empowering poor people and fighting all those aspects that affect their transition into development such as diseases (HIV/AIDS, Malaria, Malnutrition etc), poor political systems that hinder political modernization as well education, which is essential in any such development agenda (Apter D.E. 1965).

Since man is equal, society must not be stratified. We therefore stand to ensure, gender equality in our society and a world, seriously affected by some times pre-historical limitations, which have left in most cases women void of respect, dignity, development and the zeal to progress.  We also hold that in certain models of gender roles however, as stipulated in some progressive cultures, we will strive at preserving and educating scholarship on the confusion between these roles as marginalization as well, hence the reason for African studies as the back bone for identifying and solving inter cultural conflicts.

With the environment threatened by urbanization, wild fires, climate change, religious wars etc, it is virtually impossible to run an association like ours, without a focus on the conservation of nature.  Man therefore must be equal in a society, which must have education, structural development, health and a well kept environment to progress in trade, communication and the physical and mental empowerment of man.

Therefore we strive at documenting histories/cultures and contemporary happenings, for education, problem solving, and data for reference to development actors. We seek this motive through the production of audiovisual documentaries, seminars and workshops, art and cultural festivals and short films, especially as readership remains quite minimal.  We also hold that within the realms of our socio – economic dispensations such activities cannot succeed without networking and sponsorship.  We therefore expect within the realms of our visions for global partnership, sponsoring institutions especially in the areas of communication, audiovisual documentation, African studies, intercultural dialogue, environment, eco-tourism, agriculture and arts.  This goal is paramount especially as we network with local community and commercial radios.

We also strive at preserving our journal, the Global partnership Tower, and hold that any such province of communication can only be well exploited by contributions from donor development actors, entries from other expert organizations, publicity and distribution.  We shall delight therefore in any such actions that will facilitate our vision to spread knowledge and to bring sustainable development to all, irrespective of region, race, colour or religion.

We have notified several institutions of our existence, and use this opportunity to high height the support of I.L.E.I.A (ileia@ileia.nl).

Global Unification (www.globalunification.com), Erodise, Compas (www.compasnet.org) and the Institute of Development Studies, University of Sussex. They have so contributed in terms of valuable newsletters and consultancy as with Global Unification.