We network with Cultural and Development Associations and in the course of this network document some of their activities, in audiovisual documentaries. Some of these documentaries have been major references, and were conducted in radio SLOTS such as Cultural Panorama (Ocean City Radio), cultural Mirror (Eden Radio), kulture klub (Ocean City Radio,) where in cultures from Cameroon, Africa and the World have been the focus.  These cultural programs have also touched on pertinent issues like Gender Equality, sustainable Development, Cosmo – vision, and Agriculture.  Within the course of these documentaries, we have interviewed the following institutions and individuals:-



-   Production of food in the Denkyira region of Ghana.   LEISA reference.

These and many other radio slots of culture have been produced, and documented.  It will be best to upgrade, preserve and also document other segments that are still cut off from the eyes of the media and hence the world and we call on any interested individual or institution, interested to preserve culture to contact us.

With our studies we can make intercultural studies possible, help in establishing common or heterogonous development