We have received and awarded prizes for poetry entries and essays in the event of poetry competitions we styled in 2005 as The African Renaissance. Macmillan Cameroon Ltd, a branch of Macmillan UK,  experts in promoting and publishing pedagogic materials sponsored the operation.

The entries were classified as:

  1. The Nelson Mandela Poetry Competition for schools.
  2. The Christopher Okigbo Poetry competition for adults.
  3. The Benard Fonlon and Martin Paul Samba Literary Forum.


We hold that, the over two thousand received entries in these competitions, are a very remarkable endeavour in a country where readership is very low.  We also think that if we were privileged to have had much more publicity in the media or the distribution of flyers, the entries could have soared.

Over ten schools of the South West Province participated, with the most qualitative entries so far from Saker Baptist College, while in terms of numbers G.S.S Mutengene.  We also want to applaud the efforts of Kulu Memorial College as well.

We also want to clamour for sponsorship from donor institutions, as we are in dire need to make these events, an annual event, so as to boost readership, learning and communication among young and old people as well.  Sponsors can intervene financially and materially to make our awards more wide and qualitative, or to help us in publishing some of these poems into anthologies.  We have also presented papers during the following events:

  1. During the inauguration of the Limbe Integrated Municipal Museum, “The importance of painting to African contemporary reality” 7 – 10
  2. On the invitation of Kofele Luma Memorial College on “The Importance of Poetry in Changing African Society”.
  3. During the International crusade 2 – 6 November 2005 by Christ Bride Assembly and other ministries from Nigeria and Ghana on “African cultural Heritage”.
  4. We presented a paper on the “Importance of Arts in Communication during the” World Press Freedom Day” (May 03) 2004, at the Victoria Media House, in Limbe.
  5. Produced an arts programme, for Artists called Art gallery (Ocean City Radio) and Rhythms (Ocean City Radio) for over 3 years.  Some audiotapes still exist.
  6. Produced radio angles, for example Monaya Broadcasting Corporation jingle, Ocean City Radio, voice of America Partnership jingle.
  7. We network with musicians, poets etc, and envisage the organization of recitation nights, concerts, exhibitions, Festivals etc, with the collective participation of every shade of artistic dimension in what we have stylized the “Open Gate Forum”. The name bespeaks the unlimited, unspecific or unrestricted criteria we have placed to entertain artists of all shades of expression.  Here too, we hold that sponsorship is inevitable and call on interested sponsors to contact, the African Centre for Community and Development, P.O. BOX 181, Limbe Cameroon or oldboyarret@yahoo.com. 
  8. Poems published by Voices Net Anthology and famous poets.com
  9. our director has presented cameroon as a paltform for inter-cultural dialogue and development at the Tree House, Ashgrove, UK under Soul Space activities organised by Desmond Tutu House and Just Church in 2007


We hold that arts are the colossal depiction of the entirety of our human factor.  Being humans we must therefore promote it and document it as well. We therefore engage in the making of poems with sounds and pictures that can be marketed to other civilizations and places as well as be sound academic references for the myths, histories, cultures, and realities of our peoples.

Join us to serve arts to all.

we engage in project planning design and appraisal and conduct livelihoods studies and analyses as entry points to better interventions aimed at poverty reduction. In the course of our recent activities we have interviewed the following peoples in Cameroon and abroad;

a) butchers at New Town market and slaughter house, Cameroon in 2007

b) head teacher and teachers at newly opened govern secondary school Bonjo on their problems and needs in 2007

c) palm wine drinkers at middlefarms camp using Their drink to fight povrty. please see articles page for some pictures

d) African development actors in the UK on prospects of using African languages for communication and other daily transactions. Interviewees came from Mali, Senegal, Sudan, Angola in Bradford, 2007

e) we have offered assistance to African Carribbean Achievement Project during vacation term activities for Black kids on empowerment, self esteem and leadership in 2007, Bradford, UK

f)presented cultural and development programmes over BCB radio, Bradford UK in 2007, Click media page and audio files for some of these programmes.

exhibited art works during Immanent Exhibition Bradford UK via our Director, Arrey Ivo in 2007

h) Interviewed former Gambian minister of health, social welfare and women affairs Fatoumata Tambajang in 2007 in the UK: Click articles area and Global Partnership Tower for full interview and pictures.

we are also networking with actors like Scren Yorkshire, Proboscis , Disruptive Games etc We are also in contact with several studios in Cameroon etc

i) our püblication is read by important actors and was circulated from post graduate office to students of Bradford university in 2007 and is also recieved by BBC human resource office, Global Unification, UNESCO and many other stakeholders in Europe and Africa.

We are now blending our works with books like "A Glide with Moden Colours" by Arrey Ivo in 2007 and networking with local writers and development workers etc on possibilities of publishing and exposing their works or reviwing them.

We hope to get closer to you with more experience every day and serve better products each new day. We also hope our advice on projects, livelihoods and cultures will impact more on your works and businesses.

Thank you

Arrey Mbongaya Ivo