Post Modern Absolutism 2007, By Arrey Mbongaya Ivo

The idealisms of democracy may just be witnessing a hole in the fabric. Be it bullet induced or mentally generated, it translates itself as the rejuvenation of the withered poplars of authoritarianism that may have characterised world politics in the 19th and 20th centuries’ monarchical and fascist orientations of political power.
To begin with, the industrial revolution spiralled into mass production and the newspaper became a tool for social critique hence the need why it was castrated by the dictatorships of the 1930s. Today the revolution is post modern and has blossomed into the internet as website madness furnishing the authoritarian dispositions of individuals, governments and terrorists alike. This era despite its varied users has fabricated co-generic extremist political vultures that for the sake of rhetoric or a quotation of history or religion can turn nations into bastions or democracy as the empty moralisms of the classical political age. Such a political mentality change has led to the rule of absolutism as the vehicle of enhancing political domination or continuation and has effectively denigrated laws as positive moralisms and rights as neo-classical fundamentalism.
Constitutions are sought to be altered around the world to ensure that leaders remain in absolutism from Venezuela to America where democracy may just have witnessed a severe crack in the dramatic weakening of congress over the war in Iraq, hence enhancing the doctrines probably of Bushist-Blairist absolutism.
This may sound microscopic in contest if we refuse to insist that whether it be for patriotism or nationalism politics is now practiced in disregard of what Rousseau may have intimated in his “Social Contract” as “La volonte’ generale”  or the general will.
While Amanpour may call Putinism Czarism or Zimbabwe’s crises Mugabeism, one thing stands out clear; that new forms of post-modern governments want to cling on to power even against the dictates of their electorates.
Arguably some punitive ballots in Spain to question Spanish government’s role in Iraq or the Madrid bombings or to challenge Hugo Chavez in December 2007 referendum on extending infinitely his presidential mandate have worked. They have not worked because the transition towards the use of website rhetoric as today’s tool of social critique has slowed, it only reaffirms the fact that “no” votes generally reaffirm the zealotry of the absolutists as manifest in Chavez or Bush or Putin who have not changed the focus of their political militarism. In absolutism political power is stronger than political authority.
As such the international state system is left to dodge from the blows of absolutist China and the USA on even a protocol for climate change in Bali and from other like blocks for a vaccine for malaria or HIV/AIDS.
If this syndrome continues, it is likely that primitive-man-conquerors will replicate even more and be embedded in all aspects of life hence the reason may be why absolutist balance of terror is now the weapon of both the terrorists and the sworn governments.
This supposes the comic collapse of infamous democracy by the whims of mutated humanity. If not, why cant people use truth-based solutions to solve world crises? The answer is interests, interests and interests until everything mutates into absolute interests and absolute nothing.
Man must therefore sit up and work in truthful synergies to mobilize a revolution against post modern absolutism. Without this we are caught up ankle deep in the immoral dung.

N/B ARREY IVO is Director of the African Centre for Community and Development. . Tel: (0044) 07896081377.